Uh Oh: Does Keyshia Cole Want That Old Thing Back? [PHOTO]

Keyshia Cole was spotted at her ex boo Jeezy birthday party in Atlanta this weekend. There has been an ongoing battle between her and husband Daniel Gibson. The two have been sending subliminal tweets throughout the weekend.

Keyshia Cole sent out tweets like "Oops, I just dropped the F-ck I was about to give" and "Don't dish it if you can't take it". Social network on lookers can tell that Daniel Gibson just wants to be out the dog house.

enter image description here

Keyshia Cole & Jeezy at Compound:

![enter image description here][2] enter image description here

[2]: This is a link to www.hot97.com/Pics/Scottie/jeezy%20key%20key.png medium