Angie Martinez


Mad Rapper Chronicles: Gucci Mane Files Lawsuit Against Long Time Friend Wacka Flocka

Yes, you read it right. Gucci is filing a lawsuit against Wack Flocka Flame and his mother, Debroah Anteny. HE is suing for fraud, racketeering and conspiracy.


In the docs, Gucci claims he hired Debra Antney – Waka’s momma – to be his manager in 2006 … and says she and Waka have been robbing him blind ever since.

According to the suit, Antney and Waka released Gucci's music and collected royalties without his permission … and Antney made herself CFO of Gucci’s corporation without his knowledge.

Gucci claims Antney regularly took more than the usual manager's fee of 20%.

As a result, Gucci says he’s lost money, his reputation … and all he's got left are some serious tax issues.

The Ice Cream Man is suing for fraud, racketeering, and conspiracy … and wants the courts to freeze Waka and his mom’s assets. Oh, and he wants a ring and chain returned that he claims Waka's mom stole from him We sincerely hope Gucci Mane is not blaming his current reputation on music industry's mom and son but more so on himself. We hope this is not an act of bitterness but actual justice.