Kanye Describes His Issues With Nike & Confirms Adidas Deal + Barack Obama +Turning Up On Katie Couric & More Kids [VIDEO]

In sneaker head news, many have been waiting for Kanye West to release the "Red Octobers". Now it looks as if there will not be a release for these gems, because Kanye West is taking his talents to Adidas. He talks with Angie Martinez about holding meetings with Adidas and simply just wanting room to do what he pleases with his shoes. Nike wasn't giving him enough space along with rolayties because he wasn't a "Athlete". Here is what he had to say to that.

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With Kim Kardashian by his side, Kanye reveals his 5 year plan that obviously includes Kim Kardashian and more kids. He then speaks on our president Barack Obama, turning up on Katie Couric and More.