Angie Martinez


The Game Teams Up With Crips And Bloods To Pay For 7-Year-Old's Funeral

The West Coast rapper is working with gang leaders to help pay for a 7-Year-Old's funeral. The little boy was reportedly killed during a gang-on-gang shooting.


Game called in to "TMZ Live" moments ago, explaining he heard about Talib Pecantte's death this morning on the news and decided he wanted to do something for the victim's family ... especially since it happened so close to Christmas.

Game tells us he's already raised $7,000 to help cover the boy's funeral expenses -- but the crazy part, Game says a huge chunk of that money is coming from top-ranking L.A. gang members ... rival gangs too ... Crips, Bloods, and Latin gangs alike.

Game says he doesn't have a goal in mind ... he's just gonna keep raising money until he can't raise any more. He also says he's speaking to rival gang leaders about instituting a cease-fire ... at least during the holidays.