Swizz Beatz Teams Up With Monster Headphones & Audio Gear Company. [PHOTO]

Swizz Beatz is definitely a busy man these days as the Creative Director for Reebok, being appointed the Global Ambassador for the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation and now he has join forces with Monster Cable Inc as a board member & equity investor of the headphones and audio gear company.

"I analyzed and studied the company for a couple of years," said Swizz. "It felt like this is the right time to be in business together. I have a seat on the board. I am a co-owner. This is a graduation for Monster, and it's a graduation for me. For Monster, it shows they are investing in the culture. They are not doing things just to get by. In the next few months, the world will see who the monsters are in this world."

Talk about a man handling his business. Congratz to Swizz on his new venture.

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