Watch The Love & Hip Hop NY Reunion Recap [VIDEO]

Another Monday passed by and the second part of VH1's Love & Hip Hop reunion was aired, this time showing the incident between Joe Budden and Consequence.

Introduced by Funk Master Flex, Mona Scott-Young began the first part of the show by showing a vignette of the girls of Love & Hip Hop in scantly clad positions.

The segment continued with some questions asked from fans about how to get a butt like Tahiry, how Yandy can allow her cousin take a picture of her left over, and if the leaked nude photos of Joe Budden and Rich Dollaz was real.

After a commercial break, the reunion continued by bring Consequence, Jen The Pen, Rashidah Ali, Raqi Thunda, Yandy, and Lore'l on stage. First Jen and Cons spoke about the split between their views on religion in their marriage and how to raise their child. After a disagreement, the story of race came to the forefront.

Mona tried to get Jen The Pen to clear up her racial remarks earlier in the season, when Raqi Thunda and Consequence started getting into it resulting in her calling him "bucky." When Rashidah Ali commented on her being a "fake muslim," the two proceeded to step to each other to attack before security got in the middle. Budden was seen filming on his iPhone as Consequence stood on the couch to continue to address Raqi.

After the mess cleared up, the conversation turned into Cons' controversial line to start Llore'l's song. She said she was uncomfortable with the line, he tried to defend it, and Yandy defended the female rapper's decision to exclude the verse. The three debated the point of the words, which went no where and the conversation ended with disagreement.

After a second break, the conversation turned to the awkward love triangle between Rich Dollaz, his ex-girlfriend Tiff, and Erica Mena. The conversation shows how tangled the situation was as Erica and Tiff admitted they messed around while Rich was still dating Erica. After some threats from Mena, the question was if Rich and Tiff were together. After answering they were just peoples, Tiff got mad at him and they cut to another break.

Yandy got on stage next and discussed her relationship with Mandeecees. She discussed the highest point when he proposed to her in surprising fashion, in which she said she had no clue what he was doing. Then they spoke about the lowest point when he turned himself in. Yandy made sure she is optimistic that he will beat the kiss, but all she could do is "pray and cry." She also tipped her hat to single mothers as Yandy admits that its a hard job.

Now the segment that everyone was waiting for. After showing the talk between Joe Budden and Consequence on Hot 97, the two discussed their "beef" with each other. The cameras got the punch in the back of the head where Cons stepped behind Joe and hit him in the back of the head, before security pulled them away and Tahiry got her piece in the face.

"I do not tolerate disrespect," he began before he said "the opportunity was there" and he took it. Joe Budden discussed his side of the story where he repeated what he told Angie earlier this year. When Cons was asked why they just didn't talk about it, he just repeated that he "took his opportunity." He then proceeds to shout out Tahiry for hitting him with a good shot.

Joe responds by telling Cons he could go in the bathroom, or the green room to continue. Then Consequence tries to chase after Budden before security catches him. As we later saw Joe got his revenge later after the show.

The conclusion of the show ended with the women all on stage, with Erica saying she had a book coming out, Yandy promoted her blog EGL, Raqi is on a all female DJ tour, Jen the Pen will be starting off a new blog, Ali is getting married, Lore'l is about to release a new mixtape, and it looks like we will see a little more of Joe and Tahiry in the near future as well.

Check out the full episode below if you missed it: