Joe Budden Opens Up On His Drug Use In 'BLEU' Magazine

Joe Budden isnt always about drama.The VH1 Love and Hip Hop star covers the April 2013 Issue of BLEU Magazine. In the article the rapper discusses his music, love life, drug use, and why he joined the cast of love and hip-hop.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

On his Drug Use:

“I was popping Molly's all summer. When I was doing it, I hadn’t slept in five days. It has a lot of side effects, a lot of side effects.”

Joining the cast of Love and Hip-Hop:

“Everything Joe Budden related is transparent; every bar, every verse is transparent. Now you’re just getting a picture to go along with it. Any time I can broaden awareness, I have nothing to hide.”

Discussing speaking candidly:

“I try not to live with regret, as long as you live with them you’ll die with them.”