The Excitement Continues With Fast & Furious 6 Trailer [VIDEO]

It seems as though as with every summer the last few years a Fast & Furious movie is sure to come afterwards, and this year is no different.

The sixth movie in the franchise is ready to be released, leaving off where Fast Five ended. The extended trailer shows Dominic Toretto who is played by Vin Diesel and Luke Hobbs who is played by Dwayne Johnson (or The Rock if you're familiar with wrestling,) as they team up try to take down a former special ops soldier in Owen Shaw who is now stealing army vehicles.

With the complete cast returning, there will be no shortage of action, women, and cars as all of the movies have not failed to do.

Fast & Furious 6 will be in theaters May 24. If you can't get enough of the franchise don't worry, Fast & Furious 7 will be in theaters July 11th, 2014.

Check out the extended trailer below: