Watch The Love & Hip Hop Reunion Part 1: Recap [VIDEO]

Last night VH1 aired the first part of their highly publicized Love & Hip Hop reunion and it lived up to the hype as there was no shortage of drama, even after the cameras had "stopped."

As Funk Master Flex stood on the one's and two's The episode began with exchanges from Rashidah Ali and Yandy as they discussed Mandeecees name dropping Ali's name at Winter Ramos' house.

After Yandy sat and defended her fiancee, host Mona Scott-Young segmented into Winter's decision to add Lore'l in her tell all book. Even reading a passage from the book that discusses a former relationship.

The heat really turned up when Mona Scott-Young began to speak to Raqi Thunda about her beef with Rashidah, and the conversation never really went anywhere.

Then the spotlight went on Tahiry as she discussed what made her dislike Thunda, as well as elaborate on why Joe Budden gets her so emotional.

Keeping the show going, the cast moved to the back so that Rich Dollaz, Erica Mena, Ms. Dollaz and Olivia can discuss what happened in their relationship, and why Rich and Erica did not work out. After a few back and forth exchanges, they showed Erica get put on a lie detector test. Of course waiting until the end to show us the results.

Now the topic of discussion is the love triangle between Joe Budden, Kaylin Garcia, and Tahiry. Joined by Budden's mother Faye, he disclosed that he and Kaylin are no longer together. Kaylin says that if that if them two can't be together that she would be happy if he would be with Tahiry.

Once that ended, the fight over the song "Where Do We Go From Here," ensued where Yandy, Rich Dollaz, Olivia, Jewel (Rich's mother), and Erica Mena all spoke about the decision to give Olivia the song. Then Mona Scott-Young tried to get Erica to sing the song live on stage, but when she refused, Olivia stepped up and gave us two bars of her own version for the crowd.

In a game of "Truth or Truth," Budden was asked if he was in love with Tahiry and he said no, which was proven true by a lie detector test. When asked if he had slept with Kaylin since their break up, he answered "yes," which was also proven to be true.

In a game with Erica Mena it was asked if she was in love with Rich Dollaz and if her "R" tattoo was meant for him, which both were proven true. Then it was asked if she had cheated on him with someone other than his ex-girlfriend where she admitted she has.

That was the end of part one of the show, as a new episode will air next week showing the fight between Joe Budden and Consequence, as well as Yandy's story and Raqi Thunda's take on her religion.