Will The Leak Hurt 'Yeezus' Sales? [PHOTO]

Today, four days before the release of Kanye West's album "Yeezus" the album has shown up online for the world to listen to and comment.

The album itself has been under lock and key, only listened to by the few invited guests at his listening party in New York City and those working with him.

Earlier this week it was projected that the album would sell half a million copies in its first week, the biggest number from the genre all year. Yet with today's unexpected leak that number could fall as the majority of people run to listen to an album that hasn't even had a single yet.

The difference between J. Cole's leak of "Born Sinner" and Mac Miller's "Watching Movies with the Sound Off" is that we heard singles from them. The audience can judge if they want to spend their money based on the judgements made from what they heard already.

A big part of "Yeezus" hype was its mysterious nature. We've only heard snippets of several songs, or seen videos from Vine and YouTube with music playing from the side of buildings.

The promotion of this album has been something never seen, and probably not emulated again unless your name is Kanye West or Jay-Z.

So erase all the variables, and the fact that his album is reportedly different than anything you heard from Kanye according to Rosenberg, and might have a negative impact in sales for the first week.

We will know this weekend how the critics and fans respond, but don't be shocked to see the album not reach the half a million plateau come next week.

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