Pharrell Fights Back Against's Lawsuit Over The Use Of 'I Am'

Reacting to an alleged lawsuit from, Pharrell wasted no time in filing a lawsuit of his own against the Black Eyed Peas artist.

Pharrell launched a Youtube channel called "I Am Other." Because of the cease and desist letter previously sent over by, he is being stopped from using the name.

According to TMZ, "he filed a motion in court to continue using the Youtube screen name by saying, "Will is using the "I Am" is a Seussian way -- as a playful riff on his own name and to hammer home his point, he quotes from Green Eggs and Ham which read,"Sam I am, I am Sam, I am Sam, Sam I am."

"In contrast, the I Am Other mark means 'I am something else,'" he continued.

"Leaving what that 'else' is to the imagination of the consumer. It certainly does not mean 'I am Will.'" responded on Twitter soon after the news hit, saying, " not suing @Pharrell & I NEVER WAS," including his various charities and community services at the end of each tweet.