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Dame Dash On Jay Z's Inner Circle : "Those People Are Corny"

One of 2013's best hip hop moments included Dame Dash and Jay Z reuniting at parties and the MCHG concert. Now Dame Dash released verbal heat during an interview with Details Magazine about Jay Z's inner circle and counting Jay Z's money.

Via Complex Magazine

"'I'm not counting that man's money,' he says. 'No one's taken anything from me. It's like saying, "I used to mess with a girl, and before I used to mess with her, she was mediocre. But because she started messing with me, I taught her things. I dressed her, and then I taught her how to have a career." Does that mean after we break up I'm still supposed to be able to get some ass?' He laughs at his crass analogy. 'Like, I don't feel entitled to that pussy. You understand what I'm saying? I don't feel entitled to nothing he's got.'"

"Dash says he was never cut out for that world—he wants to be a Richard Branson-type entrepreneur-cum-magnate, creating companies and then getting other people to run them. He also heaps scorn on the Def Jam team that would later become Jay Z's inner circle. 'Those people are corny. You think I'm rolling to a club with Lyor Cohen or John Meneilly?' he says, referring to the former head of Island Def Jam and Jay's manager. 'No disrespect to Jay—but every single person I see hanging around him is making money off him. They all conform so they can eat off him.'"

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