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Things We Learned About Lil Boosie From His Press Conference #BoosieSpeaks

Lil Boosie is home and he held a press conference in New Orleans to discuss he newly found freedom.

During the conference, Boosie revealed a lot about his time being locked up, what he did to pass the time, and how new he is to social media:

  1. As soon as he was free, he drove down to Baton Rouge to pick up his kids.

  2. His only connection to the outside world when it comes to new artists in the game were through magazines.

  3. He claims he’s written 1,018 songs while incarcerated.

  4. Instagram and being able to FaceTime on the iPhone surprised the hell out of him. He's never seen it before.

  5. He is a completely newbie to the world of social media.

  6. He believes his incarceration has made him a bigger star then he was before being locked up, thanks to social media.

  7. Justin Bieber is his ideal collabo and he says he already has a hit for him, if the Biebs is down.

  8. He’s been listening to the radio for the past 4 days and says he can take over hip hop because there’s nothing like his music out there.

  9. He was on lock down for 23 hours and 45 minutes for 15 months. He says the 15 minutes he did have was used on the telephone.

  10. He has a book he’s written and is working on putting a movie out in theaters, all of which was penned during his time in prison. He said he will put the movie out with his own money.

There is no doubt Lil Boosie is trying to make a comeback so let’s keep an eye out on how he does.

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