Angie Martinez


Chingy Says A Transsexual Ruined His Rap Career

Remember the St. Louis rapper Chingy, responsible for hit single "Right Thurr". He sat with Vlad TV and went over the downfall of his rap career. Chingy places all blame on rumors of involved sexually with transsexual, Sydney Starr. Chingy explained how he met Sydney Starr "who I thought was a young lady, came up to me that wanted a picture, I just took a picture. I thought she was a fan. I thought it was a young lady who was a fan. She seemed pretty cool. I took the picture and that was it". The "Holidae In" rapper said two years later there was rumors all over saying the two were seeing each other. Chingy includes he was just as surprised as everyone else.

Chingy had a record deal in the works around the same time the transsexual accusations were swirling. The record label decided to not sign Chingy "It was said to me. 'Cause it was so much bad publicity around that. So crazy. Its so crazy man. It was beyond me"

Eventually accusations proved to be false when Sydney Starr revealed they never had relations and the two had never met before the picture. We guess the moral of the story is, watch who you take pictures with it could cost you your career.