Angie Martinez


10 Summer Jam Commandments [PHOTO]

1) No Heels! This is a Hip Hop concert, with plenty surprises. The last thing you want is your song to come on and when you get up to dance your feet say "Hell No".

2) This is not a quincenaera, prom, or a wedding please do not come looking like such. Short dresses long dresses, get comfortable this concert is similar to a party.

3) Don't trust alcohol being sold outside of the parking lot. It could end DEADLY.

4) Best way to travel to Summer Jam is Mass Transit. Traffic gets REAL before and after summer jam. If you are driving, get there EARLY the parking will be crucial. If you can't, be prepared to feel like you're walking to Bethlehem.

5) Do NOT light your car on fire! Do not push you grill under you car that's how fires start.

6) When Trey Songz possibly puts you in "that" mood please take your actions with your significant other to your home and 'Panty Drop' all night. PLEASE don't call yourself inventing sex at met life or in the parking lot.

7) Keep Thot levels .. Low. If you don't know what "thottin" is you probably aren't a THOT.

8) We know you you rep your hood. And NO you don't need to fight to prove it.

9) Always come prepared for change of weather. A poncho will do. We know you spend a day creating your Summer Jam look.

10) Please NO 'Papoose'n' Allowed!

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