Big Dennis


Stephon Marbury and his wife are on the new season of Basketball Wives and while the show hasn't started yet, the secrets are pouring out already.

In 2006 Marbury hired Thurayyah Mitchell to be his personal chef and they had an affair while she worked there. It's been said they slept together 5 times, Marbury saying it was consensual but Mitchell says it was sexual harassment because she thought "keeping him happy was part of her job." He offered her $900,000 to keep the story to herself because he didn't want to embarrass his wife or children or get caught up in the Knicks sexual harassment scandals going on at the time.

He told her he would pay her in installments, but after only paying $600,000 and payments stopping in January 2010 Mitchell decided to speak up. The judge agreed with Mitchell saying Marbury has to pay the rest of the money because Mitchell could've sold the story for a lot more then what was offered to her.

Sounds like Basketball Wives will be off to a great start with all that drama lol.