The Female Victim Speaks Out About Lil Reese Video

The video of the young Chicago rapper Lil Reese shown beating a female down and his boys jumping her has people very angry and upset.

The brutal attack was horrible to watch and the female victim of the video, Tiairah Marie has spoken about the incident and posted a message on her Facebook:

"Just to let everybody know that seen that video of me fighting Lil Reese its old and dumb it was last year and just to let every muthaf**a know who think he did something right no he did not all I did was ask them muf***as politly to get out my crib and he went crazy putting his hands on me so I hit his ass back if who s I get disrespected by no one and so yeah they jump me him another n***a ant his sister hell yea we faught and thats that but all I say is a n***a who fight females is one themself....#ONE WORD P***Y!!!"

Unreal what's happening nowadays.