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Congratulations to the Birdman, he and Cash Money Records can now add another fete under their belt. The label has officially sold 500 million singles worldwide.

Birdman spoke on the big accomplishment saying, "There is no more dynamic and prolific a label than Cash Money Records and the YMCMB family - point blank. We're proud of every one of our artists and their contribution to our legacy,” he said. “What's most humbling is the global reaction to our story. Slim and I built this label from the ground up and seeing our brand connect with people across borders, culture and language makes us appreciate every one of our fans worldwide. We can't wait to deliver another 500 million bangers Success is something that Slim and I have always aimed for. It feels great to sell 500 million songs but fans should know, we aren’t going to stop now, and will continue our legacy.”

Looks like Cash Money is here to stay.