Andre 3000 Portrays Jimi Hendrix In New Biopic

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Former group member Andre 3000 has decided to keep staring in movies, and his next upcoming movie “All Is By My Side” a Jimi Hendrix biopic. The movie is based on interviews and other material that will portray the early rockstar’s energy and talent. The movie will be based off England 1966-1977 when Jimi recorded his debut “Are You Experienced”.

Since the Hendrix estate doesn’t want anything to do with the biopic, the movie may not feature Hendrix original music. Andre is excited to be in the film and wants to portray Jimi as he would’ve been. “I didn't look at him as an icon because when you're in it, you don't know you're an icon. You don't know you're an icon until another people say you're an icon… So I had to take it as a person, you know what I mean? And I just tried to say, `Well, what would Jimi want people to know that they can't get off of YouTube?' And that's how I approached it”

The film is going to be released 2013.

Andre looks identical to Jimi Hendrix don't you think?