Big Dennis


January 10th 2013, Four year old Trinity Ross was found on the floor of her living room with a gunshot wound to the head only. The 58 year old woman who was responsible of watching the children, reported that she walked out to her car for a moment to get something when she heard the gun shot. When she returned to the living room she found Trinity laying on the floor, and her 6 year old brother holding a 5 shot revolver. Police reports indicate the gun was discovered on a chair hidden under a jacket. The baby sitter claims that she was unaware the revolver was in the house. Trinity was pronounced brain dead January 10th where she was survived on life support. Tuesday January 15th she was taken off of life support and pronounced dead Thursday. Trinity’s death was reported as only one of many children killed in gun shootings in weeks. This is yet another example of why gun violence is an on going issue that the government is trying to work through.