Big Dennis


Less than four months after Sandy hit the northeast, we are looking at what weather forecasters are calling a “record setting blizzard,” in line to hit the northeast.

The storm titled "Nemo" is predicted to begin tomorrow morning in the tri-state area with some flurries, and get worse throughout the day.

According to an article by the New York Times the forecast,

“For the past 48 hours, weather predictions for the city and the suburbs have varied wildly – with forecasts calling for something more than a dusting to a car-burying snowfall. But by Thursday forecasters were becoming more confident that the Northeast was about to experience the worst winter storm of the year.”

Although it is still unclear exactly how much snow will hit the area, there is a possibility for at least six inches to one foot in New York and New Jersey, and up to as much as twice that amount as you keep going north.

With some rain planning to hit earlier in the day, prepare for slippery roads by Friday evening.

Prepare by getting all the supplies you need early before the storm begins tomorrow afternoon.

As the day goes, keep looking for updates as the snow totals continue to change as it continues to move to the New York City area.

Take a look at the prediction map below from Weather Channel.