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Monday March, 11th a Russian based website released a list of high profile public figures’ financial information. Many celebrities and political figures have fallen victims to the undisclosed site. Most recently Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Michelle Obama have been listed, in addition to Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears, and Donald Trump, and United States Vice President Joe Biden. The site lists information such as Social Security numbers, Credit cards, Car loans, Mortgage amounts, and Banking information. Law enforcement officials on the case stated the hackers are not only releasing the information via internet, they are also using the information. It hasn’t been disclosed how they were able to access the information or how they are utilizing the info. The LAPD and FBI have been actively investigating the situation. In all of the uncertainty one thing is clear; these hackers are looking for a bigger pay off than recognition!

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