Big Dennis


NFL Eagles Quarter back, Michael Vick has been under much scrutiny on his journey of self-improvement. As many know he was previously convicted for unlawful interstate dog fighting and has since then performed many hours of community service, and worked with several charities such as Team Freedom Outreach and the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization. He is currently on the path of recovering his image and claims to be making efforts of educating the importance of love & respect for animals. He has currently been campaigning for his book tour which he forcefully cancelled due to legitimate death threats posed upon the quarterback. Although his past faults may be forgiven and not forgotten, you can’t knock a man down who is trying to make amends. The Book “Finally Free” released in September of 2012, has received positive and negative feedback. Many view that book as a representation of his efforts to grow as a man learning from his mistakes and trying to make them better, while many others see the book release as a mistake, and reminder of what he had done. He did in fact commit the crime he was sentenced to. The Death threats have been called into numerous Barnes & Noble stores countrywide. Michael's rep States ‘"Regardless of the past threats, he has millions of fans around the world and has been receiving countless messages of support. He will continue to keep an active schedule working with charities." "Mike is committed to helping make his community a better place," adding, "[he] is determined to continue his work with charity and helping others." Vick claims he refuses to allow his haters control his life..