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Remember thisphoto of Lil Wayne and Birdman kissing on the lips that everyone was talking about years ago? Well according to former Cash Money artist TQ, they did it all the time.

In a recent interview with Rolling Out, TQ revealed that Weezy and Baby kissed on the lips often and everyone accepted it.

(via Rolling Out:)

Jaws across the globe dropped years ago when a photo was released showing Lil Wayne and Birdman kissing each other affectionately on the lips, and the two rappers have done it on camera at other times as well, saying that it’s all just a part of their father-son relationship. Former Cash Money singer T.Q. recently spoke about their unique relationship and claimed that kissing was just a normal, platonic thing for them.

“I never understood it,” admitted TQ in an interview with KFYB of UGS Radio. “I asked for an explanation and they gave me an explanation, and as a man as part of my clique had to respect the explanation.”

According to TQ, Wayne and Birdman kissed each other constantly, regardless of who was around.

“People don’t understand them [sic] dudes did that s–t every day,” said TQ. “They consider themselves father and son.”