Big Dennis


Three crazed gamers thought it was necessary to impersonate policemen to skip the Grand Theft Auto V line. The three Staten Islanders failed at imitating police officers and was arrested. Was it worth it?

Via New York Daily News:

Kirolos Abdel Sayed, 19, Matthew Kirshen, 20, and Frank Santanastoso, 19, all cruised to the Staten Island Mall in what looked like an unmarked police car — complete with lights and sirens — just after midnight early Tuesday morning, cops said.

Once there, Abdel Sayed — an auxiliary volunteer with the 122nd precinct — and Kirshen both flashed phony badges while Santanastoso showed off a tattoo of a police shield to convince mall security they were on patrol, sources said.

Eventually, they were pulled over in an actual unmarked police car for an illegal u-turn and running red lights. It was all over then. The three were arrested for impersonating a police officer.