The Cattiness Comes Out On 'American Idol' Premiere

The all new highly anticipated season of American Idol has finally made its appearance. Bringing in the new season, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj, and veteran judge Randy Jackson graced the judges table in their first stop- The Big Apple. Contestants from all over New York faced the impressed and in other cases not so impressed judges. Normally we look to the silly and sometimes ridiculous contestants for the comedic aspect of the show, however this year it seems the judges have taken the prize. While the judges gave professional and respectable opinions on the talent, they certainly displayed a new level of cattiness the show has yet to see from its judge panel. Mariah Carey states;

"We can have accessories. I didn't know that was allowed. That's all I'm gonna say," Carey commented archly about Minaj's flashy, drum major-style hat.’ Naturally Nicki Minaj took offense to the comment responding;

"Why'd you have to reference my hat?" Minaj said, with Carey then accusing Minaj of rudeness to her during an earlier elevator meeting. Later the insults continued as Nicki Minaj rolls her eyes and mutters “Shes a b*, She’s a b*” as Carey receives compliments from a fan contestant. Mariah responds;

“If she called me something that begins with a 'b' and ends with an 'itch,' I rebuke it,". It’s been a most entertaining start to the season.

We look forward to the new talent that is to cone, as well as the ‘entertainment’.