Big Dennis


A judge ordered Yeezy to stay 10 yards away from the photographer he attacked at LAX airport this summer. Prosecutors also appealed that Kanye also must attend anger management classes as a part of his bail, but the judge didn’t agree with that. One of the most potent defense lawyers in the country Blair Berk, appeared in Kanye’s favor to request that prosecutors give up all information they had in their battery case. The judge agreed and ordered that they turn the information over. The Photographer Daniel Ramos who was attacked was also recommended to keep away from Kanye. The judge advised all involved in the case should not use "Self-help" as an excuse for the incident. Yeezy could need a miracle because prosecutors have up to 7 different videos of the attack from all different angles to back them up.Maybe Kanye chose right with his top of the line celebrity criminal defense lawyer because he’s going to need a lot of help. These paps better give Ye some space!