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Kendrick’s Johnson is a 17 year old teen who's body was found in an athletic mat on January 11th. The Lowdnes County Sheriff’s Office says the teen’s death was an accident, but evidence is surfacing that it wasn’t an accident.

Johnson's body, jeans, and orange and white t-shirts were found wedged into a rolled up wrestling mat. Blood was also found on the floor. More streaks were found on a nearby wall that weren't Johnson's according to investigators. A former FBI agent turned private investigator says Johnson's death was not an accident.

New details have emerged about Kendrick Johnson's death. Johnson's mother says she cried when an independent pathologist found evidence showing her son died of blunt force trauma - not accidental asphyxia. Johnson's parents now say Kendrick's organs including his heart, brain, lungs, and intestine-- everything from his skull to his pelvis-- was gone.

The state says it gave the organs to funeral home. The funeral home won't comment. Now the Johnson's are asking if it was pressured to get rid of them as possible evidence. Mortuary experts are harshly criticizing the funeral home for stuffing the boy with newspaper.

Johnson's family plans to hold a news conference Thursday, where they will provide additional details on the case.