Big Dennis


Looks like Damon Dashed when he figured he can no long afford this New York Upstate mansion (See what I did there).

The Roc-A-Fella originator, that once had millions now owes $162,000 back rent.

Page Six Reports

The hip-hop mogul — who once said he was worth $50 million — owes $162,000 in back rent on the upstate Carmel pad, which boasts a music studio and pool.

The landlord’s lawyer, Thomas Mullaney, told The Post that Dash “held the house hostage” for a year in a half while he dodged rental payments of $15,000 a month before he left it all behind.

The carpets were ruined, and his “clothing strewn on the floor as if it were trash,” according to the landlord’s Putnam County lawsuit.

“Mr. Dash simply abandoned the property,” owner Elad Yoran huffs in his lawsuit filed in Putnam County. Dash claims that he’s fallen on hard times, but Yoran’s lawyer said, “When I look online, he’s rolling around in a chauffeured Roll Royce, and he’s riding in a private plane.

“He’s not living the life of someone who is trying to keep their expenses down so they can pay their obligations,” Mullaney said.

Looks like Dame is fake stunting out here. We hope he gets his stuff in order.