Big Dennis


2 Chainz and his TRU Foundation headed to detroit and collected 4,000 canned goods during a charity event for the SOS Food Pantry and Food Gatherers. The event, which was called #2CansFor2Chainz, was hosted by Adidas and Def Jam Records.

2 Chainz also said that he plans on taking part in more charity work over the holiday season with his TRU Foundation.“I do different things in different neighborhoods for different reasons,” said 2 Chainz. I got some events coming up on Thanksgiving as well as Christmas. So, when you get blessed like I have the last year or two, you have to figure out some kind of way to give back.”

He also spoke about his #MEALTIME cookbook which is included in the deluxe version of his latest album, B.O.A.T.S. II: #MeTime. 2 Chainz changed his lifestyle because he says he had a bad diet.

I had a few stomach ailments…having some real bad habits,” 2 Chainz says. “But, you know, it’s all about just finding something that fits you. And for me it was just eating right and things like that. And I just decided to spread that kind of knowledge and information in my CD.”