Drake and Chris Brown File Lawsuits Against Each Other

June 14th Last year Drake and Chris Brown started an all-out brawl in New York City night club “W.i.P”. The fight allegedly began when the artists threw bottles at each other from across the venue. While witnesses such as Meek Mills claim they didn’t see either parties throw any bottles starting the riot, many bystanders feel Drake and Chris Brown are to blame. As many of the bystanders were caught up in the scuffle and some severely injured, there have been several of lawsuits filed against both “W.i.P” Nightclub and the artists.

After months have passed, many charges have been made and dismissed in addition to the list of lawsuits. Now Drake and Chris Brown are filing lawsuits together. Neither of the two parties feels responsible for the matter. Both artists feel that the blame is the other parties fault, and they should be the one to pay. As the lawsuit unfolds, more information will be released. Can these two ever call it quits and make peace?