New 'Law and Order: SVU' Episode, Oddly similar to Chris Brown & Rihanna [Video]

A recent episode of “Law and Order: SVU” The episode is dangerously close to Chris Brown & Rihanna’s domestic violence case. The main character & victim of this episode named “Mischa” is reminiscence of RiRi. “Micha”, is an r&b artist on the come up and dating artist “Caleb”, whose role in the story is similar to that of Chris Brown. The episode starts out with both artists recording a song in the studio, on a break “Micha” returns only to find Caleb pushing up on one of the back-up singers, after confronting him about it he takes his anger out on her throwing her to the floor and beating her. The SVU team struggles with “Micha” as she refuses to comply with restraining orders, and testifying against her man in court. She continuously defends him despite his recklessness. The episode closes in Bermuda on the yacht, when “Micha” asks “Caleb” about a text message she found on his phone. It takes a turn for the worst in the end at “Micha’s” memorial service. In the beginning of every episode the show discloses that the stories are not based on real people or events at that. Although the names and situations were slightly altered, it was obviously influenced by the Breezy-RiRi romance.