Rush Limbaugh Comments On Beyonce's 'Bow Down'

Beyoncé’s new controversial song “Bow Down” has been the subject of discussion since the release this past weekend. The Song has been a surprise for many as the general lyrics “Bow Down B*tches” seem contradicting for someone who stands for the empowerment and unity of women today. Commentators in addition to fans include Keyshia Cole, and most recently Rush Limbaugh of “The Rush Limbaugh Show” a syndicated radio talk show. The conservative talk radio show host commented on the track with a different view. As opposed to focusing on the level of cockiness people found was portrayed, Limbaugh focused more on the subject of change. He stated Beyoncé has done a complete 180 since her beginning days with Destiny’s Child. He went further to explain how D.C. was about inspiring young women and not taking any “grief” from the fellas. He explained how she has evolved from that Destiny’s Child power member to renaming herself “Mrs. Carter” and how that change affected her overall. “They may as well call it the bow down be-yatch tour.”