Tyler, The Creator Shot Down A Kanye West Collaboration?

Tyler, The Creator did something that most artists out there wouldn't dare to do or ever do, he turned down a collabo with Kanye West!

While Tyler was answering a question to a fan on the website Formspring, he revealed to the fan that he turned down a feature with 'Ye when he reached out to him to be on the record "IFHY."

"cause [sic] it was mine he wanted to be on IFHY too! but i was like, nah hahaha. ye is soo awesome, i talk to him almost everyday it seems like. its cool to have someone you can level with about art and everything else." Tyler posted.

Kanye wasn’t upset or offended and praised Tyler's video "IFHY” on his website KanyeWest.com for it's dope visuals.

Tyler is a special kid lol.