Wale’s Former Assistant Goes In On Tiara Thomas + Wale Cops Entire Jordans Stock AT Flight Club [VIDEO]

There is tension brewing between Wale and Tiara Thomas who’s on his single “Bad” and after reading what his former assistant tweeted, we know something really serious must have happened between them.

Wale touched on the situation between him and Tiara Thomas with the HOT97 Morning Show and it was something he didn’t really want to talk about but did and the vibes were just not good.

Well now Wale’s former assistant has decided to speak up about the newly signed Interscope artist and man, talk about going in:

enter image description here

What happened?!! Lol. I’m dying to know!

On a good note, in light of the release of The Gifted, Wale decided to give his team a special gift for all their hard work and dedication.

Wale stopped by Flight Club in NYC and bought out their entire stock of Jordan III’s, 88 pairs to be exact: