Young Man Killed By 2 Train While Attempting To Get His iPhone Off Tracks

Sad news from the Bronx as a young man was tragically killed by the 2 train.

Francisco Diego, a 22 year old DJ, dropped his cell phone onto the train tracks which led to his unfortunate death. Diego was warned by Aldeen Gordon, a MTA token booth clerk but he didn’t listen. Aldeen thought Diego had left the 241st St./Wakefield station after he requested help from Aldeen but that wasn’t the case.

"Everything was calm, everything was okay, then everybody was coming in, running into the station," Aldeen told the New York Daily News.

Aldeen couldn’t leave the booth so she requested help from the station cleaner.

Aldeen then "He came back and said, 'It's the same guy who was here before. He's on the track."

Diego ended up touching the third rail and the blow from the upcoming train took his life.