Drake's Drizzle: This Piece Of Art Inspired Drake's Album Cover [PHOTO]

Drake sat with Rapradar's Elliot Wilson and spoke about meeting Painter Kadir Nelson and being inspired by Kadir Nelson's 'Cleaned Cotton' Piece. Drake says he was taken a back by Kadir Nelson work and wanted to work with him immediately.

Drake Talks about Kadir Nelson's 'Cleaned Cotton': Via Complex

I just loved it, because as amazing as it is, it's almost like that painting you see at your grandma’s house down in the South or something. It just had that feeling to it, that soul. Kadir has this piece called Cleaned Cotton, which is an image of a slave sitting in a field cleaning cotton. It's just so painful. It has a blue sky behind it, and I was like, I love this. I love this image so much.

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Photo Credit Via Kadir Nelson