Big Dennis


There's all types of speculation circling Justin Bieber right now. People are talking about him getting deported, and trying to ban him from the United States after he was caught drag racing while intoxicated early yesterday. Yes we agree his actions were pretty reckless, but people have forgotten he's just a kid with millions of dollars and still needs guidance. These type of situations take place all the time, he just has the lime light on him so we are forced to pay attention. Look, we're not saying it's right, but at the end of the day he's just a kid. Oh, and after dealing with the repercussions of the law, he might slow down and take it easy.

The girl who was riding shot gun with Bieber just before he was arrested goes by the name of Chantel Jeffries. Jeffries is a Wilhelmina model who has been tied to a few other men in the entertainment business. This list includes Justin Combs (Diddy), and Desean Jackson just to name a few. We're not sure what the relationship between Jeffries and Bieber is and for all we know they might just be friends, but we do know that they should make more responsible decisions.

The media is kind of going in on these two right now, but hey they might have learned their lesson. We wish them the best.

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