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Nene Leakes calls it quits for The Real House Wives of Atlanta! She isn't too happy with the way the Bravo Franchise has portrayed her. Not only that, but they aren't willing to pay her the price she believes she's worth.

This is what she had to say : “I feel like these networks and production companies—I’m just keeping it real—I just feel like they build you up to tear you down,” she said in a March interview. “I feel like they’ve done whatever they could do to try to not show me in the best light. There are so many things that happen on the show and they… I don’t even want to talk about editing, because I feel like so many people cry wolf on editing. I’m just saying that they’ve done whatever they could to try and diminish anything that I’ve done and I’m okay with it because I know about reality TV.”

We're also hearing she wanted to have a say on the cast of the program as well.

Nene tweeted:

“Good morning tweetie pies! Never continue n a job u don’t enjoy! Follow ur passion & success will follow u! Hav a great day.”

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