Miss Info Tells Us Cam'ron Doesn't Want To Fight Jay Z's Family Member, He Wants To Fight Bernard Hopkins! [VIDEO]

Miss Info has just confirmed the “B-High” references that Cam’ron made on his “Humphrey” verse. Info has decoded the verse and informed us that he’s not referencing wanting to fight Jay Z’s cousin ‘B-High’. In fact he is referring to B-Hop, Bernard Hopkins. Yes, as in the Middle Weight Boxing Champion. Now that would be one hell of a square up! Cam has intentions on fighting Bernard Hopkins on Paper View at some point this year. We would pay to see this would you ?

“Dame said I’m bout it cuz I wanna fight B-Hop. I said I’ll fuck him up after 2 months of detox. True. Besides that, 8 mill from Reebok, I take him to the bar, Pa, that’s 33 shots…”

She also informed us that “Humphrey” is the boxers middle name.

Thanks Info!