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In tribute to Black History Month the Finisher Mister Cee will have four legends in hip hop, DJ Chuck Chillout, DJ Clark Kent, DJ Scratch, DJ Kid Capri guest DJ on the Throwback at Noon, every Friday in the month of February! 


DJ Chuck Chillout

The legendary Chuck Chillout began his illustrious career on 98.7 Kiss-FM in 1982. Chuck Chillout was one of the first D.J.s to become world renown include Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Salt-N-Pepa and Slick Rick. “Hip-hop was fun and energetic during this time. Hip-hop was just growing so there was a lot of creativity and great liver performances”, says Chuck about the hip-hop community in 1982. “Run-DMC and Whodini were some of the best live performances during this time.”

After leaving 98.7 Kiss FM, Chuck broke new waves at 107.5 WBLS FM for two years. In 1992, Chuck became a VJ for the top rated hip-hop video show in New York City, Video Music Box. Chuck blazed new trails in 1995 by becoming one of the first D.J.’s to play hip-hop music in Japan. Hip-hop artists like Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest and Run DMC became know in Japan as a result. “Hip-hop was very popular in Japan”, says Chuck, “The people there knew the history of the artist I was playing as well as mine. Japanese people were totally into the culture.”

In 1996, Chuck helped break current superstar DMX by being one of the first DJ’s to play his debut smash hit, “Get At Me Dog.” “I knew this record was going to be a smash because it was different from what was being played on the radio:’ Chuck says about DMX. “ The beat was hot and delivery was different.”

Chuck established Full Blast Promotions in 1999. Full Blast Promotions is New Jersey’s premier record pool. “I established Full Blast Promotions in New Jersey because there was a need for a premier record pool in New Jersey”, Chuck says regarding Full Blast. “D.J.’S in New Jersey were hungry for a company such as Full Blast to step up and take over. Full Blast will continue to grow in the new millennium.”

Chuck’s affiliation with old and new school Hip-Hop and R&B has helped him land the title of one of today’s most sought after DJ’s. Most recently his participation in the Essence Music Festival & Cruise has escalated his career to new heights.



DJ Clark Kent
Twitter : @djclarkkent
Instagram : @djclarkkent

Born in the Republic of Panama, Central America, DJ Clark Kent is proud of his heritage and equally as proud to be a die hard Brooklynite. This super producer and turntable superstar has earned the respect of the ever growing, ever changing music industry. Clark has traveled the world as a DJ playing club's, arenas & corporate events. He has produced music for Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Jr. Mafia, Rakim, Mariah Carey, Rick Ross & many more. Worked at the following record companies, Epic, Atlantic, East West, Columbia, Motown, Rocafella & DDMG. He has been a consultant for Nike, Where's he designed over 40 projects, as well as, helped with the concept of Nike's NYC flagship store, 21 Mercer NSW. Clark's ability to connect the boardroom and the "cool" of the streets makes him a valuable asset within pop culture. Last November, recently, Clark was commissioned to Host the new Wale "FOLARIN" mixture (Released 12/24/12). Currently he is the host of the Complex media group web series "Quickstrike" & is handling A&R duties on the new Scarface album project.


DJ Scratch
Twitter: @DJScratch
Instagram: @DJScratch

For over two decades, DJ Scratch has been everyone’s favorite DJ's favorite DJ. Acknowledged as one of the greatest DJs of all time & honored in The Source Magazine in 2006 as an Hip Hop Icon. On July 2nd, 2010 DJ Scratch was crowned the title "Jam Master" by DMC of RUN DMC. Scratch is the man who provided the flamboyance to EPMD's stage show & drove audiences into frenzies with his visual & technical routines. DJ Scratch being one of the greatest & respected exhibition, tour & club DJs in the world. He was later called upon to permanently DJ for Jay Z, Diddy & Q-Tip.

Shortly after winning the New Music Seminar Battle for World Supremacy DJ Championship in 1988, he joined the RUN DMC “Run's House World Tour.” Befriended by the late Jam Master Jay (“JMJ”) of RUN DMC, JMJ mentored Scratch & converted him from a raw battle DJ to an all around performer & showman. In exchange, Scratch taught JMJ DJ solos that he performed in RUN DMC shows ever since. When the tour ended, JMJ recommended Scratch to EPMD, who needed a DJ with flair. After EPMD witnessed the DJ phenomenon do tricks at their first show, they hired Scratch on the spot. The rest is history.

In 2010, Scratch captured his second DJ World Title by winning Season One of the B.E.T. DJ Reality Show/ Competition, "Master Of The Mix". Along with $250,000 in cash. In addition, Scratch won "Turntablist Of The Year" at the 2012 Global Spin Awards (The DJ Grammys).

Scratch was the Resident DJ for Nationally aired TV shows "Hip Hop Hold 'Em", Fox 5's “Uptown Comedy Club" and B.E.T.'s "Rap City, The Basement". Scratch’s film credits include "Juice", "The Original 50 Cent", "Backstage", "Fly By Night”, "Rhyme & Reason" & Spike Lee's controversial film "Bamboozled”. In addition, Cocoa Cola commissioned Scratch to produce & feature in the worlds first DJ commercial, "3 DJs”.

Having mastered the art of DJing, Scratch started to pursue his second love, producing. He has produced such hits as the New York Anthem "NY Shit" by Busta Rhymes, EPMD's "Rampage", LL Cool J's "Ill Bomb", 50 Cent's "50 Shot Ya", & a long list of Hip Hop Classics. Scratch's accolades include the 3 Grammy nominations and over 40 Gold and Platinum Awards to his credit which makes DJ Scratch responsible for the sale of over 30 million albums to date.

Currently, Scratch has launched an online TV Network called "ScratchVision" ( A network dedicated to the preservation of the history of Hip Hop. ScratchVision has live DJ performances by DJ Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Premier, Kid Capri & a long list of other Legendary DJ's. Scratch has also joined the Legendary NY Radio Station 107.5 WBLS where he has a Friday night show "ScratchVision Radio" 6pm-7pm. Scratch has proven that you can be from the Old School, but still remain relevant.
DJ Kid Capri
Twitter: @kidcapri101
Instagram: kidcapri101

The room begins to shake. It starts as a low vibration and builds. Something big is coming as the floor emits quiet anticipation. In the midst of the crowd sits a strange sort of silence. And then an ear-shattering, slightly defiant yell fills the void: KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID CAPRIIIII!It rattles the walls. Kid’s voice enters the space before he does and all at once, the audience knows what it’s …in for. “I am unlike rap acts that just walk from one side of the stage to the other in concert. I’m a total crowd-hyping entertainer. That means doing it 110% every time I hit the stage. I want the people out of their seats, feeling me, feeling the music. That’s the only way I do it.” This energy is what has earned Kid Capri his title, as the most relentless, most relied upon to rock a party, most dynamic and larger-than-life DJ in the history of hip-hop. He has survived every era of hip-hop and emerged each time with a renewed sense of purpose and something new to contribute to the culture. From the very beginning, Kid studied a craft that had never before been given recognition or even considered a legitimate skill. Yet Kid Capri’s skills go far beyond the spinning wheel of the turntable.

For years he’s been able to tour in parts of the country other artists were afraid to touch. Unafraid to try out new markets, anyone not into hip-hop before surely was after his show. This revolutionary talent began on the turntable, which ultimately gained him the status of a hip-hop phenomenon; however, Kid is a multi-faceted talent using his craft to create new trends in music that shatter the limitations so often placed on hip-hop artists. From his innovative style, to his second-to-none knack for choosing just the right crowd-pleasing sound, to his unparalleled mixtapes, Kid exemplifies the spirit of the entrepreneurial-minded musician.

Born David Anthony Love in the Bronx, New York, Kid Capri was born creatively ambitious, scaling his family’s old Zenith stereo system in an attempt to scratch records before he was even ten years old. Kid first inched his way onto the hip-hop scene with the grass-roots approach of club gigs and creating mixtapes. Kid is, in fact, the Prime Minister of mixtapes, as he saw their profit potential early in his career. He managed to turn a small business venture into a $2,000 a night underground empire! Once others caught on to the economic benefits of mixtapes, they soon followed in Kid’s footsteps and thus began the Kid Capri bandwagon.

Currently, there are no other DJs on Earth more recognizable to both hip-hop followers and the general public, largely due to Kid’s media sense. His face first became a part of the cultural landscape on the wildly popular Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam where he gave much of the world its first taste of live-performance hip-hop, as the first ever to perform live on TV as a DJ. From that, Kid became the most heavily demanded entertainment personality by many of the industry’s most respected and successful performers. Kid has toured extensively with multi-platinum artists such as Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, L.L. Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Foxy Brown, NAS, Lil’ Kim, Mase, Jay-Z, Usher, R-Kelly, Mary J. Blige, Dru Hill, Ginuwine and Aaliyah.

Beyond Kid’s renown as a show-stopping performer sits another side of him: the meticulous studio-scientist working behind the scenes to lend that extra wisdom to some of Hip Hop’s hottest-turned-classic records. He revels in the challenge of the ever-changing nature that defines the world of rap music. Prime examples of Kid’s versatility are his production credits. He has produced music for power players like Madonna, Jay-Z, Heavy D, and 50 Cent. His studio precision and artistry have made him a Grammy-award winning producer.

Kid continues to expand on his formula for success. He recently produced and co-directed Loaded Lux’s Lionz Den, a film that focuses on the gritty, no holds barred lyrical battle between some of today’s most promising rappers. The battleground consists of a live audience including numerous Hip-Hop heavyweights and is set at BlackStar Video in Harlem. Loaded was a part of the 2010 Urban World Film Festival in New York City.

Kid has also been featured as lead judge on Smirnoff’s “Master of the Mix”, the hit BET reality TV competition in search of the country’s hottest DJ. On the heels of the success of Season 1, Kid, along with host Just Blaze and fellow judges Amber Rose and Vikter Duplaix, has just wrapped shooting Season 2 of “Master of the Mix”, which premiered November 5th, 2011.

In March 2012 Kid was commissioned to remix “Masterpiece”, an exclusive track featured on the special Smirnoff Nightlife Edition of Madonna’s album, MDNA.  He joined her for the album release party in Miami as a part of Winter Music Conference, and the album was released on March 26, 2012.

In the fall of 2012, Master of the Mix made a bold move from BET to VH1. Season 3 is slated to begin filming in Miami in January 2013 and will premiere at

Kid has far exceeded the expectations of his peers, critics and fans. His love for and careful nurturing of his immense talents has enabled him to represent hip-hop with class, individuality and intensity unmatched in the music industry. The impact Kid Capri has had, and will continue to have, is immeasurable. With cameos and features in many of today’s urban music videos there is a steadily increasing demand by many of the industry’s top performers for Kids guidance and expertise. Along with continuously taping HBO’s critically acclaimed Def Comedy Jam series, Kid is steadily touring, selling out shows and balancing his heavy production schedule. Check him out at a city near you!