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Hot Topic: The Craziest Things Yankee Fans Have Said At A Game [AUDIO]

Posted By: JEN BKLYN · 10/12/2012 10:15:00 AM


Rosenberg was recently berated by Yankee fans when he decided to walk into the pits of hell during a playoff game aka Yankee Stadium wearing a Baltimore Orioles hat and sweatshirt. Ballsy of him yes, a dumb mistake? Yes. What was he thinking?! Doesn't he know Yankee fans have no shame and will tell you like it is to your face?!

That's exactly what happened when one person screamed out "virgin!" and pointed to Rosenberg while another yelled, "You have herpes!" for everyone to hear LOL.  Knowing how “special” Yankee fans are, we're sure worse things have been said to the opposing team’s fans when they decided to come to Yankee Stadium.

Here's some of the things our fans on Twitter have overheard:

@TheRealGio12: @BlackRicanJew the worst thing I heard from a Yankee fan was, where all gonna have a Yankee gang b*** with the guys mom after the game lol

@MacTheBossDon: @BlackRicanJew @Rosenbergradio @ciphasounds worst thing I heard from a Yankee fan was, We got more rings than you touched women lmao

Damn! LOL and it gets worse! Listen to what our callers said!

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