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Hot Topic: Pass Up That Gas For Some A** [AUDIO]

Posted By: JEN BKLYN · 11/12/2012 10:20:00 AM



The struggle in New York for gasoline is on another level of crazy.

People are lining up for hours just to get gas, sometimes not being able to get any at all because it ran out by the time they get to the front of the line. Gas really has taken over everyone's life, so much so that it's interfering with people's love game!

There are some out there who are running on low gas while others have an empty tank all because they decided to skip waiting on lines to get their a** game on lol now why would someone do that I don't know. Now they're stuck and have no where to go! But here comes the worst, there are some people who are giving up their nana to get gas!

The struggle is so real out here my lord!

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