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Hot Topic: Has Being A Cityworker Ever Been Brought To The Point Of Violence? [AUDIO]

Posted By: JEN BKLYN · 10/15/2012 10:22:00 AM



It was the uppercut heard around the world!

A video made the rounds on in the internet of a female bus rider in Cleveland, Ohio getting uppercutted by the bus driver and it was all caught on a cell phone. The whole ordeal started because the female rider did not like the bus driver's comment he made about her face. What happens next was very shocking as the girl attacked the bus driver which led him to getting out of his seat screaming "You're going to jail now!" and then uppercut her like he was in a 12 round fight with Mike Tyson.

Watch the whole fight (via WSHH):

This whole situation is absolutely horrible but brings up many questions, was the bus driver wrong for attacking her the way he did? Did she deserve everything that happened to her because she started it? Who's wrong?

Everyone can agree that cityworkers deal with this kind of madness everyday on the job and if pushed to their limits they can snap or do something to get back at you like what happened to this woman.

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  1. NoelB_0780 posted on 10/15/2012 04:47 PM
    he was right to do it ... females have to know when to stay in there place sometimes.... if she didnt attack him it word just been a fight of words but no she wanted to play wonder woman.
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