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Ferguson Police Officer Throws Pregnant Woman On The Ground! [VIDEO]

Another situation occurred with another police officer again this week.

In the midst of the chaotic riots going on in Ferguson, police officers are using forceful tactics in hopes of calming the situation.

Since the killing of unarmed teen, Mike Brown, citizens have been in uproar about the incident. The 18-year-old teen was college bound and was fatally shot by a Ferguson police officer.

Since the start of the riots, citizens have been arrested and some were injured.

Thanks to James Roberson, footage of a pregnant being slammed on the ground was captured and released. In the video, you will see the woman on the ground screaming, “I cannot lay on my stomach, I’m six months pregnant!”

Watch the incident between the pregnant woman and police officer below:


Take a look at the mayhem. Police are telling the people to not enter the area until the morning because it is a "war zone".

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