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ALL GONE BOOK 2013 Is A Must Buy For Street Culture [PHOTO]

Ever heard of a book going on tour? Sounds funny but its very real.

The anticipated book in STREET CULTURE is set to go on world tour and promote itself soon. 2013 was a great year for streetwear and the culture in hip hop itself and ALL GONE BOOK 2013 has the most desire products of 2013 in a One-Time Collection. Created by Ill-Studio for La MJC. La MJC recently revealed what the book covers look likes this year. All Gone 2013 is a limited edition available in two colors.

The new All Gone Book will officially be released on January 18, 2014. This 2013 edition is a collection of the most desired and hyped products in Street Wear and Street Culture. Pre – orders of the book started January 7th. There is only 1500 copies of this book so don't wait to cop this collectible. Shipping starts January 21st after you pre-order here

As we wait for the book to officially release, in a few days an exclusive preview of the first pages of the book will be available on the official website of the book.

The book is filled with content by photographers all edges, to give street culture the street credit they deserve throughout the 248 pages that make up the book. You can also see past editions digitally online here

The dates of the world tour to promote All Gone 2013 - In Europe, the USA and Asia - will also be announced here soon.

As we wait for one of the best Visual Time Capsules in street culture to date you can follow them on INSTAGRAM ALLGONEBOOK # # LAMJC