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E.S.P.JEN: A Rod And 20 Other MLB Players May Face Suspension For Steroid Use

Not again!

The MLB may suspend a chunk of players for steroid use and one of those players is once again our favorite third baseman, New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez.

According to ESPN, MLB is looking to have Alex Rodriguez, Brewers’ Ryan Braun and 20 other players suspended all due to a connection to a Miami health clinic.

If the suspensions do happen, this would be the largest drug scandal in American sports history.

ESPN reports that the MLB reached an agreement with the founder of an anti-aging clinic in Miami, Florida who’s been supplying performance enhancing drugs to about 20 players.

The owner of the clinic reportedly made cash exchanges and used his friends to deliver the drugs.

He will reportedly meet with MLB officials on Friday to share more information.

The league will reportedly push for 100 game suspensions for them while the other players may get 50 game suspensions.

This is a never ending battle in baseball.

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