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Who Are The 50 Greatest Athletes Of All Time? Is This List Right? [VIDEO]


Beckett Media has decided to do what most sports lover find hard to do – create a list of the greatest athletes of all time and narrow them down to 50.

But they’ve done it and it’s a well rounded one. So check out who made the cut and who came out number one.

Here the Top 10 ( from #1 to #10)

  1. Michael Jordan, basketball
  1. Muhammad Ali, boxing
  1. Jackie Robinson, baseball
  1. Wayne Gretzky, hockey
  1. Jim Thorpe, football, basketball, baseball, track and field
  1. Babe Ruth, baseball
  1. Tiger Woods, golf
  1. Roger Federer, tennis
  1. Michael Phelps, swimming
  1. Pele, soccer

Here are the rest:
11. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, basketball
12. Bo Jackson, baseball, football
13. Carl Lewis, track and field
14. Gordie Howe, hockey
15. Bruce Lee, martial arts
16. Larry Bird, basketball
17. Magic Johnson, basketball
18. Bill Russell, basketball
19. Joe Montana, football
20. Babe Didrikson Zaharias, golf, basketball, track and field
21. Mickey Mantle, baseball
22. Willie Mays, baseball
23. Jack Nicklaus, golf
24. Ted Williams, baseball
25. Margaret Court, tennis
26. Diego Maradona, soccer
27. Jim Brown, football
28. Mark Spitz, swimming
29. Deion Sanders, football, baseball
30. Walter Payton, football
31. Joe Louis, boxing
32. Emmitt Smith, football
33. Lou Gehrig, baseball
34. Hank Aaron, baseball
35. Laird Hamilton, surfing
36. Jerry Rice, football
37. Wilt Chamberlain, basketball
38. Mia Hamm, soccer
39. Tony Hawk, skateboarding
40. Joe DiMaggio, baseball
41. Peyton Manning, football
42. Ty Cobb, baseball
43. Mark Allen, Ironman competitor
44. Royce Gracie, mixed martial arts
45. Jesse Owens, track and field
46. Serena Williams, tennis
47. LeBron James, basketball
48. Sandy Koufax, baseball
49. Cy Young, baseball
50. Lawrence Taylor, football


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