Websites for College Bound Students

Important websites every college bound student should be aware of


Test Prep and Registration

College Board-
If your a college bound high school students, odds are that you're already familiar with College Board. Visit College Board to register for your SAT, PSAT are other important exams. They all have a extensive listing of universities and colleges as well as practice tests and prep and help articles.

GRE- GRE Website
For graduate school bound students, most colleges require that you take the GRE to pursue your masters degree. Log on to ETS GRE website for more information and to register.

Princeton Review-
One of the premier test prep companies. Also provides access to information on over 400 colleges/universities.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

If your applying for financial aid, you will need to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, better known as the FAFSA. Every accredited college requires that you do so. Submit before the deadline for the most amount of funding possible.

One of the premier sites to search out scholarships, grant and funding for college. Also a good website to search out jobs and internships. Fast web provides opportunities according to your profile. Check out the HOT 97 scholarship listing for opportunities geared toward the minority community.

Fin Aid-
Search for money for college. Also provides articles about loans, and a budget calculator.

The Foundation Center-
For grant and fund seekers. Locations in San Fransisco, Atlanta, New York, Washington D.C. and Cleveland.


Monster College-
Career listing for college graduates. Provides career advice and tips as well.

Cool Works
Summer and seasonal jobs in cool places.

A listing on non-profit jobs, internships and volunteer opportunitise. Good for those in need of extra-curricular activities or community outreach experience.

General Information

Your School's Official Website
Check your school's official website regularly. The website provides important and useful information of prospective and current students. Check the calendar for class schedule and your email account. Registration takes place online at almost every school, so become familiar.

- www.facebook
Facebook was originally a college only social network. It is still one of the most popular social networking websites for college students. Connect with fellow students and friends and stay in the know about campus events. You can even sell your textbooks and other random items in the marketplace.
An off shoot of the popular auction site, eBay, has been the number one site to sell and purchase textbooks. You can also buy used video games and music for cheap. -
A vital resource for many college students, who want to know the dish on their professors before registering. Use this site with caution, the opinions are extremely subjective and you'll find a lot of scorned students venting about their poor grades.

Craigslist has a great listing of apartments in your city, for when dorm life gets old. Beware of scams and never give out important information like your social security over the internet.