LisaRaye Has Obama's Back

       Well well well, does anyone else find the portrait above quite intriguing? I do! And there are a couple of reasons to why I feel this way. Of course there is a powerful message behind it. And no I am not referring to LisaRaye's curves ;-/. *Side Eye* Anywho, I also believe this portrait is in response to LisaRaye's ex co-star, Stacey Dash. Why Stacey Dash? Well, if you have not heard; Stacey Dash recently posted a photo endorsing presidential candidate Mitt Romney. *Side Eye* I know, what a snob right? *Laughs* Even if you disagree, I want to take the time to applaud LisaRaye not just on her artistic ability, but also on a tasteful job well done. Especially due to the fact that this is done in support of President Barack Obama and his education efforts. Checkout what LisaRaye had to say regarding the portrait below. 

   "I don’t think people seem as excited about this presidential campaign as they were four years ago. For this campaign, I just wanted something that would make an impact. I wanted to say why I’m behind President Obama in this election, and I want to encourage everyone to vote. I have Obama’s back, and I want everyone to have Obama’s back."

Me too Lisa girl!!! ;-)